Members will be solely responsible for the confidentiality and retention of any use of the service under their registered name, password. Members are responsible for timely notification to the E-Commerce website about illegal use, abuse, security breach, retain the name and password of third parties to work out appropriate remedial measures.

Members do not use Emartmall's services for unlawful, unreasonable, fraudulent, threatening, unlawful purposes, destroying, creating or distributing harmful viruses to the system, configure, transmit Emartmall's information, or use its services for speculative purposes, market manipulation to create orders, fake offers, even for market judgment. In case of violation, members shall be responsible for their acts before the law.

Members can not change, modify, assign, copy, distribute, deliver or create similar works of the services provided by to third party if without the agreement of E-Commerce website in this regulation.

Members can not act to discredit the E-Commerce website in any form such as disparaging the members by using the second name registration, through a third party or disseminate information that is not conducive to the prestige of the E-Commerce website