Emartmall.com.vn is an E-Commerce website designed to support the most demanding customers who want to find online information about a variety of goods or need to purchase goods online.

Emartmall.com.vn aims to become a reliable E-Commerce website in the E-commerce market, is the commercial bridge to response the needs of shopping for customers.


E-Commerce website Emartmall.com.vn was operated by THISO RETAIL COMPANY LIMITED ("Company"). Members on Emartmall are registered and regulated by Emartmall and are licensed to use Emartmall and its affiliates.

Members of the transaction at Emartmall on the basis of respecting the legitimate rights and obligation of the parties involved in the purchase and sale of goods and services through contracts, not contrary to the provisions of law.

Goods and services participating in transactions on Emartmall must fully comply with the provisions of relevant laws, not in cases of business ban, advertising banned in accordance with the provisions of law.

Merchandise trading through Emartmall must be transparent and transparent, ensuring the interests of consumers.

All contents of this Regulation must comply with the current legal system of Vietnam. Members participating in Emartmall must find out their legal responsibility for the applicable law of Vietnam and commit to comply with the Emartmall Operating Regulations.