E-Commerce website was developed by THISO RETAIL COMPANY LIMITED with the transaction name is: 

Common Definition:
Emartmall: is an E-Commerce website that have the sales function of the company.
Goods: Goods are traded on the E-Commerce website
Intellectual Property: any patent, copyright, design registered or unregistered, design rights, registered or unregistered trademarks, service marks or industrial property rights, or other intellectual property and includes applications for any of the above categories.
Member: is an individual who register for a member account at E-Commerce Website and need to find information about goods and services posted on to buy goods. Members are also customers of
- When customers register as members of E-Commerce website, members understand that:
    +  Member can create a personal account to use.
    +  Members can purchase goods and services at prices and standards according to the commitments announced on
- The contents of this Regulation shall comply with the current regulations of Vietnam. Members participating in the E-Commerce website must find out their liability for the current law of Vietnam and commit to implement the content in the E-Commerce website