Step 1: Customer find information about products and services posted.

Note: The address book must be set as Default address within Emartmall Delivery area (see Shipping - Delivery Policy) to confirm payment at shopping cart.

Step 2: Customer selects Delivery address, Receiver Information, Delivery time and Notes for order (if any).

Step 3: Customers choose one of the Payment methods (*), input membership points within Available Point, Out of stock product processing, VAT information (if any) and confirm payment.

• Cash on delivery (COD)

• Bank Transfer

• MoMo E-Wallet

• Card payment

Note: The electronic VAT invoice is only issued within the day after successful delivery and sent to the email provided. Shipping fees and Membership points do not issue VAT invoices. In case you do not select issue VAT invoice, please quickly send additional information via email including Order number and VAT invoice information for staff to be supported. Emartmall cannot support issuing VAT invoice the day after successful delivery.

Step 4: Emartmall prepares the order

In case of out of stock, Emartmall will call to notify and remove the out-of-stock item from the cart. For online payment by Card/MoMo, Emartmall will refund the amount of out-of-stock product via Customer's Bank/MoMo account. Customers will receive refund money within 15 to 30 working days for Card payments and 15 to 20 working days for MoMo payments.

Step 5: Emartmall delivery staff process shipping

Step 6: Customer receive goods, check with delivery staff and pay by cash in case of choosing the payment method of Cash on delivery


Customer can choose one of the following payment methods after purchasing products on the Emartmall app and website:

1. Cash on delivery

Customers order and pay as soon as they receiving the goods.

This form of payment applies only to orders under 20,000,000 VND.

2. Bank transfer

2.1. Customers choose “Bank Transfer” payment method. This payment method is only applied to orders from 10,000 VND and is not available when selecting 3 nearest delivery time frames.

2.2. Emartmall prepares goods, returns out-of-stock products from the order (if any) and calls to notify the customer of the final amount of the order and Transfer information for transfer.

Note: Staff will call to inform payment amount after preparing products. Order will be delivered after Emart receives money into account.(Customers should transfer by 24/7 method)

2.3. Customers transfer the order amount according to the received information.

2.4. Emartmall starts to deliver after receiving money into Emart’s account.

2.5. Customers receive goods, check with delivery staff.


- In case products are defective or not the same as the requirements and customer want to return and refund: Emartmall will refund by Bank Transfer the amount that the customer has returned within 7-10 working days after receiving back.

- In case customer transfers but the money is not received within the day:

Emartmall will store the products (including fresh food) at Emart and deliver on the next day with the same products that were packed before, not exchange goods that have new package dates to avoid unexpected out of stock or different specifications.

The next day after receiving Customer's money transfer, Emartmall will repack the products that are being picked and delivered.

- If the transfer is not received within 02 days Emartmall will call customers to confirm order cancellation.

3. MoMo E-Wallet

3.1. In case customers make payment on Emartmall application, the system will automatically switch to MoMo application for payment.

3.2. In case customers make payment on Emartmall website, customers please open MoMo application and select scan QR code to make payment.


This payment method is only applied to orders from 10,000 VND.

4. Card Payment

4.1. Payment via Domestic Card (ATM/ATM Debit Card)

1. After selecting Card Payment, go to the Payment Gateway page, click "Domestic ATM Card" and click Confirm 

2. Enter card information as shown below and click “Tiếp tục”.

3. Enter the OTP verification code sent to the phone number registered with the bank and click “Thanh toán”.


Use domestic cards that are registered for online payment or Internet banking services of the bank. The transaction must be successfully recorded from the successful licensing notice returned by the payment gateway system (ensuring the balance / limit and payer authentication in accordance with the card's usage rules)

Applicable banks for payment: all banks belonging to the Napas system.

4.2. Payment via International Card (Visa/Master/JCB Card)

1. After selecting Card Payment, go to the Payment Gateway page, click "Visa/Mastercard/JCB Card" and enter the card number. After entering a valid card number, the payment page will display 2 additional lines to fill in Expiry Date and CVV Code, click Confirm to proceed with payment. Currently, Emartmall's Payment Gateway does not accept Amex cards.

2. Enter the OTP verification code sent to the phone number registered with the bank and click “Confirm/Authenticate”.